Television is the most influential advertising medium and it has been proven that ANY BUSINESS can benefit from using it to reach potential customers. Whether your enterprise is retail, service, manufacturing, business-to-business, or distribution based, NBC U.S. Virgin Islands can help you research, refine, reach, persuade, and GROW your sphere of influence.

If you’ve never advertised before, you may be wondering how much should be budgeted for an initial advertising project. The answer is closely tied to your GOALS for advertising, and your business plan. According to the Kiplinger’s Small Business Start-Up Kit, on average, businesses devote 4-8% of their gross sales to advertising. Those looking to grow their market share dedicate even more!

NBC U.S. Virgin Islands offers complete production services. Our Production Department will work with you to understand your needs, goals and target customer, then apply expertise and imagination to producing a commercial that is creative, compelling and cost effective.

To discuss advertising opportunities with us and the development of an advertising campaign that will get noticed and be remembered, please contact:

Dario Martinez
Tel: 800-381-9846